El Paso Is A Good Place For An Electronics Warehouse


If you run any kind of business that deals in electronics at a regional or national scale, then El Paso in Texas is a great place to look at for warehouse possibilities, and maybe even use as a central shipping hub.

El Paso straddles the Mexican border with Juarez sitting on the other side of the Rio Grande. The cumulative border crossings between these two cities together form the busiest international crossing anywhere in the world based purely on the numbers of people and vehicles crossing every day.

That’s actually a big boon to businesses that base operations here, as they get easy access to the cheaper manufacturing and repair services available on the Mexican side of the border.

Microsoft famously used this in its early iterations of its Xbox 360 console. While one of the longest video game console generations in history, many early units suffered from a defect that would wind up with users having nonfunctional boxes displaying the ‘red rings of death.’ The fix to this problem was rather simple to put into effect, and given the volume of units needing repaired, Microsoft established repair centers in Juarez to handle it.

Broken or defective units where shipped domestically to Texas, then trucked across the border for quick fixes at wages and rates impossible in the United States. They were then trucked back into America and mailed or flown back to their owners.

Given that Texas is a central state within the United States, it has relatively short shipping times to places like Chicago and both coasts. It also holds the advantage of nice winter weather over other central states like Kansas or the Dakotas, making it a year-round safe place to ship from without severe weather disturbances impacting things.